Comics on Stamps: Marvel Superheroes by Royal Mail

Comics on Stamps: Marvel Superheroes by Royal Mail

On March 14, 2019, Royal Mail shall issue 15 stamps depicting popular Marvel superheroes.

We’ve already had the article related to Marvel & DC superheroes. You can read it here – Comics on Stamps: Marvel & DC Superheroes. Also, don’t forget Stan Lee.

But, let’s get back to March 14. 10 + 5 1ST class stamps shall be issued.

While 10 stamps are related to Marvel characters, 5 stamps were incorporated in the comic-style set (of 10 stamps, 5 have value). This set tells a story of a fight between Thanos and “Earth’s mightiest heroes”.

The story is entitled “Avengers UK“, and Alan Davis is responsible for the artwork.

The remaining 10 stamps are of a more classical design with 1 superhero per stamp. The superheroes having this honor are Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Captain Britain, Peggy Carter, Iron Man, Union Jack, Black Panther, and Thor.

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  1. Dave Francis Rodrigues · February 26, 2019 Reply

    Very nice to see many of our childhood superheroes on the stamps… 🙂

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