Thank You, Malta

Thank You, Malta

We have readers from Malta and Mary Grace is one of them. Mary Grace sent StampNinja the best possible gift and this is a way to say “Thank You, Malta!, “Thank You, Mary Grace!”


Malta is an island country located in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Italy. Malta has a very rich history, but also very rich philately-related history. It all started in 1860 with the Queen Victoria stamps and continued to these days. Thanks to Mary Grace Simpson and Maltapost Philately, one part of that history came to my home.


Malta - 2016

How it arrived

 StampNinja received Malta Year Pack 2016. You can see what it looks like in the picture above. Together with the envelope where everything was packed. And few more stamps on the envelope.


Malta - 2016

Flip #1

 This was the first thing I saw after the first flip and then…


Malta - 2016

Flip #2 – Part 1

 … as you could guess there were some stamps inside.2016 stamps varied from flora and fauna, The 450th Anniversary of the Foundation of Valletta to EUROPA stamps. There was a joint issue with Russia related to art.


Malta - 2016

Flip #2 – Part 2

 Another joint issue was with San Marino with motifs Citadel of Gozo and First Tower of San Marino. 2016 was the year of the Olympic Games in Rio, so there are 4 stamps dedicated to games. And maybe my personal favorite – HMS Hastings. I love history and ships so…


Thank You, Malta! Thank You, Mary Grace!


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