Real Madrid – Liverpool

Real Madrid – Liverpool

May 26, 2018, is reserved for the UEFA Champions League finals between Real Madrid and Liverpool. The match shall be played in Kiev, Ukraine, on the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium.


Liverpool FC

Liverpool F.C. is one of those “special” clubs. Time goes by, but it’s one constant. It’s the 2nd most successful club in the Premiership with 18 titles won (Manchester United won 20), and there are so many other titles I can’t mention them all if I want to keep this article readable 😊


Grenada - Liverpool

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British Football Clubs – Liverpool


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So far, Liverpool won 5 Champions League titles with the last one in season 2004/2005 after a win in a very dramatic match against Milan, on the Atatürk Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey. Milan had 3:0, after 90 minutes it was 3:3, and Liverpool won after penalty kicks. That was definitely one of the best (in not the best) finals in the history of this competition.

And one more important thing, that simply must be told when we’re talking about Liverpool. The club is also widely known for maybe the most football related songs/anthems “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. While the original dated from 1945, the 1963 version by Gary and the Pacemakers popularized it in the UK.



Real Madrid

 On the other side of the football pitch is another club that is important in the football history, but also plays a very important role in the present. While it has one of the best teams in the history of football, Real is simply unlucky to have such a team at the same time Messi and company are active. If opposite, I guess Real would win many more titles (especially in Spain) than it did in the last few years.


Spain - Real Madrid

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The 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of Real Madrid Football Club


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Real won 86 titles in various competitions so far, being the 2nd in this statistic, with Barcelona being the first with 92 titles. Still, Real Madrid won the most Champions League titles (12), with the Milan being the 2nd one with only 7 titles.


I guess most of us have a side he/she prefers more. I know I do (I won’t tell you which one it is, but it will never walk alone 😊 ). We’ll see who’ll become the Champions League winner in a matter of a few hours.


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  1. Jacko · May 28, 2018 Reply

    New song of Liv fans created with Clop : “We saw the European Cup, Madrid had all the fucking luck, we shall just keep on beeing cool, and bring it back to Liverpool… “

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