Eurovision Song Contest: 8 Facts You Want to Know

Eurovision Song Contest: 8 Facts You Want to Know

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of these things that are really important in Europe. No matter do you like it or not, do you see it as super-trash, glam or truly enjoy the songs, you can’t deny it’s something special. Today we’ll find more about the contest as well see some related stamps.


#1 First contest

The first contest was held on May 24, 1956, in Lugano, Switzerland. Seven countries were participants of that contest: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Switzerland. Each of them had 2 songs for a total of 14 songs. That was also the only Eurovision where countries played more than 1 song. The winner of the first contest was Lys Assia, from Switzerland, with the song “Refrain”.


#2 Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest music show in the world.


Eurovision, Yugoslavia

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1990 Eurovision Song Contest, Zagreb


Denominations: 6,50 & 10 Dinars

1990 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Zagreb, Croatia/Yugoslavia, on May 5, because group “Riva” (from Zadar, Croatia) won the 1989 contest in Lausanne, Switzerland with the song “Rock Me”



Many of the competitors had great careers before or after taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest. ABBA is probably the first group/performer you’ll think of when you think of Eurovision. They debuted on 1972 song contest in Edinburgh with the song “Say It With a Song” and won the 3rd place. In the 1974 contest in Brighton, they won with “Waterloo”.


#4 Céline Dion, Cliff Richard, Julio Iglesias

Yup, they all took part in Eurovision. Céline Dion won for Switzerland with the song “Ne partez pas sans moi”, on the 1988 contest, held in Dublin, on April 30. Julio Iglesias, was 4th for Spain, in the 1970 contest (held in Barcelona from February 12 to February 14) with the song “Gwendolyne”. Sir Cliff Richard (born Harry Roger Webb), won 2nd place for the UK in the 1968 contest (song “Congratulations”) and 3rd place in the 1973 contest (song “Power To All Our Friends”).


 Eurovision, Finland

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2007 Eurovision Song Contest


Denominations: 0.70 Euro

2007 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Helsinki, Finland, on May 12, because Finnish heavy metal band “Lordi” won the 2006 contest in Athens, Greece with song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”.


#5 Multiple winners

That also happened. In 1969, there was no rule for the tie, so 4 countries (France, Netherlands, Spain, UK) with 18 points shared the victory.


#6 Jordan and Israel, flower power

It was 1978, and Jordan decided to put flowers on the screen instead of Israel Entry. After Israel won, they pretended as Belgium won.


 Eurovision, Serbia

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Eurovision Song Contest, Belgrade 2008


Denomination: 177 Dinars

2008 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Beograd, Serbia, on May 24, because Marija Šerifović won the 2007 contest in Helsinki, Finland with song “Molitva”


#7 Participants from other galaxies

OK, well not from other galaxies, but continents. Non-European countries taking part in the contest so far are Australia and Israel. ESC is very popular in Australia and Israel is often treated as part of Europe, especially as a participant of sports events. And ESC of course.

Morocco also appeared once in the contest (in 1980).


#8 Eurovision Asia Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is very popular also outside Europe, so, starting from 2018, we’ll have the Eurovision Asia Song Contest.


There were many other interesting facts related to the contest, especially those with the political background. Feel free to add some more facts in the comments.


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