Comics on Stamps: Marvel & DC Superheroes

Comics on Stamps: Marvel & DC Superheroes

Comics are cool and they are on stamps too. Today we’ll check stamps and sheets related to famous comics and comic book superheroes. Lean back and get ready to feel like a kid once again.


Comic books

While sometimes comic books and graphic novels are (were) treated as not so serious literature, they are still pretty much alive and actually still very cool. It all started way back before we had access to “moving pictures” and soon became very popular among children, but also among adults. It would be hard, and really unfair, to try to point to a single comic book and say: “This is the most important one in the history”.

Some of them introduced new ideas, some created a new genre or a new way how to tell a story. They were used for a number of purposes, even as a political propaganda.



Main protagonists (and antagonists) in comic books were mostly human characters. Of course, there were others like animals or ghosts. While having a “casual” human as a protagonist is not so bad at all, adding one or more superpowers to her or him adds a completely new dimension to the whole story. And yes, that does create a completely new set of questions like: “will (s)he be able to overcome this?” and: “how?” 😊


We’ll start in Canada

In 1995, Canada Post issued 5 stamps that are related to comic books that are (at least) somehow related to Canada.

Superman is included in these stamps because Joe Shuster was an artist and the co-creator of this DC Comics character. And he was also Canadian. The other important co-creator was Jerry Siegel, who was the writer. And the Superman magic started in 1938.


Comic Book Superheroes - Canada

Copyright© 1995 Canada Post. All Rights Reserved.

Canada – Comic Book Superheroes


Denomination – 45 cents

Motifs – Superman, Johnny Canuck, Nelvana, Captain Canuck, Fleur de Lys


The remaining four stamps are devoted to important Canadian comic book characters.

 Johnny Canuck is a much older character and he appeared for the first time in the political material way back in 1869. He was also a very popular character during the World War II.

Nelvana (of the Northern Lights) appeared in 1941 and was one of the first female superheroes and the first one in Canada. She had a wide range of superpowers at her disposal She was a telepath, could turn invisible and change her physical form, but also fly at the speed of light, melt metal and disrupt radio communications.

Captain Canuck first appeared in 1975. The USA maybe had Captain America, but Captain Canuck took everything a step further. He was there to protect Canada, which became the most powerful country in the World, of course, in the distant future 😊

Fleur de Lys is another superheroine from Canada. To be precise, from Quebec. Her name is not a coincidence, the heraldic symbol was actually an inspiration for this. And yes, she’s fighting her cause from 1985.


We’ll move to the USA now

You don’t have to live in the USA to be aware of the existence of two most important American comic book publishers, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics. For those of you, who maybe missed that info somehow, let’s name few most important comic book characters they gave to the World: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (DC Comics) and Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America (Marvel). These characters are a part of the culture now, not only in the USA but all over the World. Let’s remember how it all started a long time ago.


DC Comics

DC Comics magic started in 1934, in Burbank, California, as a Warner Bros. subsidiary. It was founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson under the name Detective Comics. Maybe the crucial event happened in May 1939 when Batman was introduced in the issue #27.



Copyright© 2014 USPS. All Rights Reserved.

USA – The 75th Anniversary of Batman


Denomination – forever (first class)


The rest after that is just history. Detective Comics are today well known as DC Comics. They created many characters that we take today as the ones that are here from the beginning of time 😊
One of them is also one of the first female superhero characters, Wonder Woman. She appeared for the first time in 1941 and is still very active today.


Wonder Woman

Copyright© 2016 USPS. All Rights Reserved.

USA – The 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman


Denomination – forever (first class)


Besides these two, Batman and Wonder Woman, there is really quite a number of important comic book superheroes DC created along the time. Some of the most important were paid tribute with USPS postal stamps in 2006.


DC Comics Superheroes

Copyright© 2006 USPS. All Rights Reserved.

USA – DC Comics Super Heroes


Denomination – 39 cents

Motifs –

Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Batman,

The Flash, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Supergirl, Hawkman,

Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Batman,

The Flash, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Supergirl, Hawkman


Each character got his own stamp and a stamp devoted to his or her comic book, exactly two rows in the sheet below each character. There is a number of other DC characters, both, protagonists and antagonists, that simply couldn’t fit on one sheet. I hope we’ll see a continuation of this series in the future.


Marvel Comics

Another important player in the comic book industry is Marvel Comics. They were founded in 1939, 5 years after DC comics by Martin (Moe) Goodman. In line with his last name, he definitely did a good thing and created something we still enjoy.


Marvel comics superheroes

Copyright© 2007 USPS. All Rights Reserved.

USA – Marvel Comics Super Heroes


Denomination – 41 cents

Motifs –

Spider-Man, The Hulk, Sub-Mariner, The thing, Captain America,

Silver Surfer, Spider-Woman, Iron Man, Elektra, Wolverine,

The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner, The Fantastic Four, Captain America,

The Silver Surfer, The Spider-Woman, The Invincible Iron Man, Elektra, The X-Men


Their comic books also include hundreds of characters so, in 2007, USPS selected some of them as a motif for the stamps. The same logic was used as on the previous sheet so each character has one stamp devoted to her or him and another to the related comic book.


Today we talked about DC and Marvel comics Still don’t forget to see what we wrote about Italian comics like Alan Ford, Dylan Dog, and Corto Maltese.


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