Video Games on Stamps: Retro Gaming

Video Games on Stamps: Retro Gaming

Retro gaming is gaining its’ popularity a lot these days. But there were times when retro games were actually modern games. And there were even stamps dedicated to these games. Today we’ll talk a little about them.


Going Retro

Retro gaming is very popular today, maybe even more than you could think. On the other hand, retro gaming is also retro because retro gaming started almost with at the time first games were produced. After the second console/game/version was issued you could easily “go retro” by simply playing the old stuff.

Nowadays we’re surrounded by technology that was considered futuristic only a few decades ago. Very futuristic. These are not only flying cars, Internet, robots, AI but also achievements in the gaming industry. Computers are smaller and more powerful than ever before. That allows us to create and play games like none seen so far (even to use that technology for stuff that is not related to games, like teaching, medicine or porn 😊 ). Games are much more complex than they were 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Today they are not only fun, but also a serious business in some cases.

In my opinion that is one of the reasons that moved some people to return to less complex games, that were produced before. They had simple controls and graphics, short and straightforward story and you knew who is good and who’s the bad guy. There was not even the ugly guy or 50 shades of gray. You could just sit and relax playing the game. And if you would invite friends to play together, that would add one more dimension.

The other important reason is that some people are simply like hamsters. They simply love to bring things to their homes and store them there. And if they pay for these things, we would call them collectors, and not garbage collectors 😊 It might look stupid to collect consoles, games, discs and cartridges, but who knows, maybe, one day, they’ll be as expensive as Rubens or Picasso are today.

All of that was the reason to select the Emerson Arcadia-2001, the second-generation, 8-bit console, for the featured image. In those good old days, the year 2001 seemed so far and adding a number from the next millennium definitely looked pretty cool. The future was just waiting and so much was ahead of us.


These Days When Retro was Present or Future…

The 1980s were a great period in film, music, technology and, discoveries. Also, it was a very dynamical political period. And it was the time when children (including me) spent much more time playing outside. Yup, they would fall in the mud and come home dirty after playing with toys. Outside. I know – unbelievable!

In those days, I guess, parents were more concerned about what will happen to their offspring out there in the “wild” world. Maybe that (and the development of the entertainment technology) was the idea behind the motif of this cover issued by the Netherlands Antilles in 1988.


Netherlands Antilles – Child Care

Netherlands Antilles – Child Care


Denomination – 55 + 25, 65 + 30 and 115 + 55 cents

Motifs – last stamp depicting child playing computer games (Pacman)

Image source: eBay


…and When Retro was Cool and Expensive

2 years later, in 1990, Israel also issued 3 stamps devoted to computer games. Once more, these times were less complicated. So, that was also the case when issuing stamps.


Israel – Computer Games

Israel – Computer Games


Denomination: 60 agoras (1 Israel shekel = 100 agora)

basketball/volleyball, chess & car races

Image source: eBay


These 3 stamps do not refer to any specific game. They are just here as an homage to sport games, chess games, and car racing games. Graphics in these games were, as expected, pretty simple, but still these games and these stamps really bring back some nostalgic thoughts. These thoughts are telling you to buy a console, or at least a few stamps 😊


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