From Netherlands with Love

From Netherlands with Love

This warm real-life warm story comes from the Netherlands and is written by its’ main protagonist, Joshua.


I work in PostNL, as a postman, for almost 10 years now. It’s really nice to have a personal contact with people, and if they have any question or a complaint, then I always try to solve that problem with a smile. I really love this job.

In my work, when I see someone I don’t know, I always say “Hello”. What does that cost? Nothing. Just to give a smile or say hello can give someone a smile on his/her face. One more thing that me happy, is that sometimes children come out of the door and say thank you for bringing the mail.


Joshua Rietdijk stamp, created using PostNL web service


Tomorrow will be 5 years since my wife and I are got married. This has been some very turbulent 5 years. My mother died, a year before my sister also died. My father in law died a year later. And now we are very busy with hospital visits for my wife. She has health problems. So, in those 5 years, we were not able to go on holidays. And at this moment we are having the flu.

But still, we are very happy. We have a home, we can eat and sleep. When I think of the people in other countries, most of them have a more difficult life. So, we are blessed.


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  1. David S. Ball · January 29, 2018 Reply

    Able to count blessings and see the good in life. Wonderful.

  2. Laara WilliamSen · January 31, 2018 Reply

    What a wonderful person he is! And to share his story and know that even with his many difficulties, he still sees the best in everyone and everything. I believe in love and peace. This man is a living example of love and peace! Many Blessing to the postman from the Netherlands and may his wife soon have good health. Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen

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