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This is a short story from our friend, The Punk Philatelist. Somehow this post was noticed by a journalist for one of Australia’s biggest newspapers, The Age who wrote an article about it.



Someone in the bowels of Australia Post has been playing a little game, perhaps for years, and I’ve only just noticed. Now I’m addicted.

A quick explainer for normal people. When post offices issue new stamps, they also release a range of related products postmarked on the date of the issue’s release. They’re known as First Day of Issue (FDI) products. The best-known is the first-day cover (FDC), a decorative envelope bearing the new stamp(s). In the olden days, first-day covers happened by chance; then collectors made it a thing, and now many postal administrations (‘countries’ to you) issue official first-day covers. Modern FDCs are often extremely attractive. They have to be, because a FDC collection is both cumbersome to store and almost impossible to recoup your money on. So you might as well enjoy looking at them.



Here in Australia, official FDI postmarks usually reflect a location relevant to the topic of the stamps. It follows that on issues of formal national significance, the postmarker in Canberra burns more rubber than Shane Warne on a county cricket tour. (Enjoy researching that analogy, my American friends. x)


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