2017 – Top 5

2017 – Top 5

2017 is behind us and we survived it. There was no nuclear fallout, none of the apocalyptic prophecies come true (once again) and we’re still here. Before we start 2018, let’s use the end of this year to take a quick look back.


Many things happened last year, there were bad ones as well as good ones. I would suggest that we forget about the bad ones and remember only the good ones. One of these good things was also starting StampNinja. In order to recapitulate StampNinja’s 2017, I’ll go with 5 articles that were special to me, each one in its own way.


First one



It all started in June with the article related to the Persian Royal Road. The idea was to start from the start, to describe how messages were delivered prior to the establishment of the postal service as we know today and well before the first stamp was issued.


Most engaging



Without any doubts, the most engaging articles were these from the Monty Python series (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). Personally, I don’t find that surprising because they are probably the most important group in the history of humor. They explored it, used rough language often and did things almost nobody before them had the courage to do. And they still do.


The one I enjoyed writing the most



Putting this picture again as the featured image is not by chance. This article and especially the Group TNT is really something special to me. Comics could be considered as a childish thing, but as it’s the case with other cultural forms they are really a good way to communicate real-world problems using humor and satire. Is it so unrealistic these days to imagine a superhero (or a politician) who is stealing from the poor to help rich!?


Most emotional one



I guess that this story was the most emotional for me not only because it’s a sad one, but because Laika was one of the heroes of my childhood.


Last one



I decided to finish this year in peaceful tone and is there a better way to do it than to remind ourselves of that event that happened in 1914 when people who didn’t know each other opposed their commands, superiors, and orders and simply decided to take a few days off fighting.


I want to thank you all for reading us. Everything counts, every comment, suggestion, and subscription really mean a lot. I hope that in 2018 we’ll be even better and provide you with more (and even more) interesting topics. Have a great New Year’s Eve and see you in 2018!


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