StampNinja on Vacation

StampNinja on Vacation

Yup, it’s summer. Even a StampNinja has to take a few days off to dive in his Apollonian body in the sea. But he hasn’t forgotten you.


It was the year 2002 when these two beautiful sheets were issued by post of Turks and Caicos Islands.


Why were they issued in the year 2002? The year 2002 was designated by the UN as the International Year of Ecotourism (IYE). Participants from 132 put their effort on events and activities related to this decision. Posts from many countries also issued stamps and sheet to commemorate this year. As you could guess, most of them had a motif on nature and/or wilderness.


I went with sheets from Turks and Caicos Islands for two main reasons:

  • I simplify like these sheets and I hope you’ll like them too
  • I love to present small countries (or territories) that most of us could otherwise be easily unaware of.


Turks and Caicos Islands are not related to Turks at all. They are a British Overseas Territory located in the Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean region.  As you could guess it’s a paradise where you would love to spend your holidays on some of the best beaches in the whole World. Diving and sailing are also extremely popular, so that explains motifs on both stamps. The official currency is the U.S. Dollar so denominations are 60 cents and 2 dollars.




Enjoy the summer. StampNinja will be back! Next week.


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